The Safety Of Your Customers And The Quality Of Your Products Are The Key Ingredients To Incredible Success In Your Hair Replacement Studio, Salon Or Beauty Business.

But Did You Know...

At least 90% of hair replacement manufacturers still continue to knowingly include harmful, potentially dangerous substances in their adhesive formulas...

...despite being widely recognized as having harmful side effects?

Formaldehyde, benzene, latex, hexane, Phthalates, Toluene, Xylene are just some of the most commonly used, volatile organic compounds - many of which are known carcinogens (Cancer causing).

This is no laughing matter.

And It Doesn't Stop There...

If ingredients such as Methyl and ethyl cyanoacrylates are't used in a well ventilated area, they release poisonous vapors when they begin to degrade, which could be life-threatening if inhaled.

But You'd Never Be Aware Of Any Of This

Most adhesive manufacturers / suppliers rarely list their potent ingredients or possible health warnings - even though they understand the potential short and long-term health risks like:


So now you understand this, would you knowingly buy AND use a hair adhesive product with your customers that stated on it's packaging...

"WARNING: This Product May Cause Kidney, Liver Or Lung Damage?"

Of course you wouldn't!

But because of the loopholes in the licensing laws, very rarely do these toxic chemicals need to be listed on the packaging, making it extremely difficult for you - the honest technician/retailer and expert - to see and avoid their use.

And for the past 20 years, even the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) has never approved any type of glue for use in hair replacement because there are no short or long-term health studies on their side-effects, or on applying these adhesives to the human skin.

Sun Exposure

Your hair adhesive reacts with the sun’s UV and becomes highly toxic if there are dangerous chemicals present in the formulation. The chemicals penetrate deep into the skin, unlawfully invading the body, traveling directly to vital organs which can be extremely dangerous - sometimes even fatal.

Exercise & Physical Overexertion

When we take part in any kind of exercise - whether a brisk walk or intense exercise workout - the body’s first line of defence - the skin pores - become susceptible to cross-contamination of chemicals through skin absorption

If You’re Considering A Hair Adhesive For Use On Your Hair Replacement System, You Need To Make Yourself Fully Aware Of The Important Health Risks When It Comes To Adhesives And Their Ingredients.

"GhostBond™ Is Magic In A Bottle"

No Dangerous Chemicals.
No Harmful Substances.
Just Complete Peace-of-Mind With
A Safe, Effective Product, At An
Affordable Price

All of our hair replacement adhesive products formulated specifically for safe skin use have never contained any harmful ingredients or substances - and they never will.

Our Water-Based Cosmetic Adhesives Deliver True Confidence To You And Your Customers

GhostBond™ is the very first of its kind. We put the safety of you and your customers at the heart of every-single-one of our products, ensuring no harmful ingredients are used, and that we can eradicate all potential long-term health issues or complications.

Our system produces the best results and solves many common issues for your customers:

Absolutely No Lifting

Your client’s hair will stay put. There’s no need to adjust or reapply for several weeks

Dries Quickly - And Stays That Way.

No longer will you revert to a semi-cured state

Reliable, Predictable Results Every-Single-Time

Water and Oil Resistant

Whether you’re swimming, in the sauna, in the shower or working out, GhostBond™ will stand up to whatever life throws at it

Controls Moisture

Our formula keeps the scalp comfortable, free of irritation and able to breath

Completely Invisible and Undetectable

up close, in ALL lighting situations thanks to our revolutionary light absorbing technologies.

We've Got The Right Tools To Help
You Be The Best Technician
You Can Be

Ensuring the safety of your clients is absolutely critical to the success of your business and livelihood. It’s at the heart of every product we produce, and the reason we extensively test all our products for up to 12 months before they go to market.

It's how we're able to deliver complete peace of mind that our products will not only stand the test of time, repeatedly produce the highest quality, longest lasting results possible for your customers...

...Our Products Will Save You Thousands Of Dollars Each Year!

GhostBond™ will eliminate the need for unesseasty return visits. Our adhesive formula allows a consistent hold for four weeks, reducing the time you need to spend with each of your clients.

Think about how many hours you spend with just one client?
Now multiply that over multiple weeks with multiple clients.
Simply put - using GhostBond™ hair adhesives in your hair studio / salon or beauty business could save you thousands - possibly tens of thousands every year!

We're Kind to The Planet

Our safety first commitment doesn't stop with our revolutionary hair adhesive products. We aim to make our business as planet friendly as we can. This includes providing all our products in 100% biodegradable packaging, using ingredients that will never damage your skin but are also harmless to the environment.

Why Pro Hair Labs?

Pro Hair Labs are a formidable entity in the cosmetic bonding world, known as much for their exceptional customer service as for their industry-leading products.

There’s not much we don’t know, but if there is something you need that we don’t have (or don’t know), you’re only ever one call away. When you choose to work with us, you’ll be guaranteed the VIP treatment from the moment you pick up the phone. Within our in-house team, we have acres of experience and expertise from across the entire wig adhesive spectrum.

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