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VO Recording Agreement

Between Professional Hair Labs (Biomedical Research & Development) [(hereby referred to as “Client”) and (hereby referred to as “Talent”), for the project titled, tentatively titled, or codenamed Voiceover Greeting 2021 (hereby referred to as “Production”).


Talent’s voiceover recording rate for this Production is set at $175.00USD.


Client’s Obligations

  • Client will pay the agreed-upon rate, in full, within 30 days of completion of the work.
  • In the case of the Production being delayed or canceled, or the role being recast or cut, Client agrees to still pay Talent for any work already completed on Talent’s part.
  • Client will convey any necessary specifications to Talent before work commences.
  • Client understands that revisions, pickups, and other additional work beyond the scope of the initial agreement may be subject to an extra fee. Client will make every effort to provide such revision requests to Talent in a timely manner.
  • Client will not require Talent to edit, mix, or master the files (beyond basic cleanup), or split lines into individual files, unless arranged with Talent beforehand or volunteered by Talent. Client understands that any splitting of files or other extensive editing required on Talent’s part will be subject to an extra fee.
  • Client will not obligate Talent to promote the Production on social media or other public platform as a condition of casting, although Talent may still choose to promote their involvement voluntarily once any non-disclosure agreement has been lifted.
  • If personal details of Talent are made available to Client for the purposes of completing the job (including, but not limited to: phone number, address, tax ID, union status, or association with a pseudonym), Client agrees that such information is confidential and will not sell or disclose it to any unrelated third parties except as required by law.


Talent’s Obligations

  • Talent will perform work at the agreed-upon rate for the duration of Production.
  • Talent will, in good faith, perform the work according to Client’s direction and specifications. If a mistake is made on Talent’s part (such as a technical error, missed line or mispronunciation), Talent agrees to fix the mistake at no extra charge to Client.
  • Talent will deliver the recorded voice files by the agreed-upon deadline, except in case of an emergency or if otherwise granted an extension by Client.
  • If for any reason Talent is unable to perform the work as scheduled, Talent agrees to inform Client as soon as possible so alternate arrangements can be made. Talent understands that they will not receive payment for any portion of the work not completed.
  • Talent will honor any confidentiality agreements requested by Client. Talent agrees not to publicly discuss their involvement with Production until its release date, unless Client makes a prior announcement of casting or gives permission for a prior announcement.
  • Should the scope of the work extend to sequels or future productions within a 5 year period, Talent will make an effort to be available for role reprisals based on reasonable schedule availability. Talent reserves the right to negotiate a new rate for the reprisal.
  • Talent will make themselves reasonably available for revisions and pickups for up to 30 days after work has been completed.

Use and Ownership

  • Talent is an Independent Contractor, not an employee, of Client. Talent is solely responsible for any income taxes incurred on earnings from work for Production.
  • Talent is providing a “work made for hire” and retains no ownership, copyright, or “moral rights” claim to the voice assets performed for the purpose of the Production.
  • Talent understands that the work is considered a “buyout” for the agreed rate and Client is not obligated to provide any residuals, royalties, bonuses, or additional use fees.
  • Client may use, modify, publish and distribute the work for the Production and all related materials (such as trailers, promotions, advertisements, and streams), in perpetuity.
  • Client understands that the work was commissioned for this specific Production and its related materials and, when reasonable/practical, will consult with Talent before selling or reusing for unrelated projects or uses outside of the scope of this initial agreement.
  • Client may use Talent’s name, website, social media handles, and/or an image supplied by Talent to promote the project, if desired, unless Talent requests to go uncredited or use a pseudonym. Client agrees not to use Talent’s name or likeness in a way that misrepresents, disparages, or misconstrues their association with the Production.
  • Talent may use publicly available images, logos, sound clips, video clips, or other assets in a non-monetized and non-derogatory manner for the purposes of reel footage and other personal promotion if so desired, unless expressly forbidden by Client. Talent holds no claim to ownership or copyright of such assets.
  • Nothing in this agreement obligates Client to use the work performed by Talent.



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Signed by Ryan Margolin
Signed On: May 24, 2022

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