Pro Hair Labs are well known for industry leading wig adhesive & hair bonding products that we provide on wholesale. If you haven’t tried our exceptionally high performing, skin kind hair adhesive for yourself, it’s about time you found out for yourself why so many hair replacement professionals prefer Pro Hair Labs.

Ghost Bond Adhesive products


When you need to remove adhesive residue, it is important you are able to do this without damaging the skin of your scalp. With our adhesive residue removers and cleansers, we base our products on natural, effective ingredients that will leave your skin feeling simply amazing.
Cleansers & Removers For Adhesive

Scalp Treatments

Sometimes your skin just wants a treat, and our range of indulgent scalp treatment products offer something for everyone. Choose from toxin removing mud masks and exfoliating scrubs to scalp antiperspirants and finishing sprays. And as with all our products, you know that safety comes first.


When you invest in a quality hair system, the last thing you want to do is ruin it with cheap shampoo. As hair replacement experts, we bring you precision designed, high quality residue removing and clarifying shampoos, created just for hair systems and guaranteed to have your hair looking like new.

Pro Series Hair Care

Let your hair look its best with one of our best hair replacement shampoo, Pro Series. Enjoy frizz free split end protection, soft ato touch feel whilst still protecting your hair system from the rigours of everyday life. Pro Series Shampoo from Pro Hair Labs offers protection from everyday wear & tear, letting you look your best every day.

Skin Care

Miracle Glove by Pro Hair Labs is another safety first formulation developed with the hair professional in mind. Constant exposure to harsh solvents and chemicals on a daily basis can severely damage the skin, leading to redness, irritation, cracked skin or even dermatitis. Miracle Glove, protects and nourishes the skin, ensuring the your pH balance stays elevated and the natural oils are retained.


With the GHOSTMEDICA Sanitizer, your teams will benefit from the convenience and consistency of a gel-based sanitizer. With higher viscosity and nourishing compounds, this gel hand sanitizer is ideal for multiple daily uses, ensuring an all-over cleanliness that leaves skin feeling better.