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Avoid Losing Your Eyebrows | Professional Hair Labs

5 Tips to Avoid Losing Your Eyebrows

  5 tips to avoid losing your eyebrows   Eye brow loss can be common, especially for those over the ages of thirty and forty; caused by many factors, and is especially more common amongst women. But if you are still young, or you have your eyebrows intact, then it might be worthwhile checking to see

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How hair loss happens | Pro Hair Labs

How hair loss happens | What are my available options?

How Hair Loss Happens Overview Are you wondering how hair loss happens? Hair is an essential feature of a human being. It is one of the prime factors that determine how an individual looks. Appearance plays an important role in today’s day and age. One can do so much with their hair, improvise, grow it

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Hair Loss | How Eating The Right Foods Can Help Curb It

Hair Loss | Eating the right foods Hair loss has become an increasingly common problem across the globe. The lifestyle of a person today is demanding, mechanised and time bound. Work load causes stress which results in poor diet and eating unhealthy. There is higher tendency of men losing more hair than women due to

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Advertise Your Salon Effectively Online | Pro Hair Labs

How To Advertise Your Salon Effectively Online

How To Advertise Your Salon Effectively Online Beauty and health have come to acquire a modernised version, so instead of being defined by the traditional beauty parlours and salons, they have been transformed into skin rejuvenation centres and spas. These names are in vogue now. So if the names have changed, there is no point in following

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Water Based Skin Adhesive vs Solvent Based Skin Adhesive

Water Based Skin Adhesive | Solvent Based Skin Adhesive

Water Based Skin Adhesive vs Solvent Based Skin Adhesive Common Use For Adhesive  Health care professionals often require the use of retention bandaging or adhesive systems. Adhesives are used extensively in dressing wounds. They help in keeping the dressing in place. These adhesive systems may be tapes and bandages or even be an integral part

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