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Hair Loss | How Eating The Right Foods Can Help Curb It

Hair Loss | Eating the right foods

Hair loss has become an increasingly common problem across the globe. The lifestyle of a person today is demanding, mechanised and time bound. Work load causes stress which results in poor diet and eating unhealthy. There is higher tendency of men losing more hair than women due to male pattern boldness.

An advanced, drawn-out loss of hair in men that begins in late twenties or early thirties is determined by the presence of certain hormones, it is caused by a amalgamation of genetic and hormonal factors. This is a hereditary condition and the most common cause of hair loss.

Why does it happen?

Putting aside hereditary conditions briefly, there are plenty of reasons that lead to to hair loss. Amongst them are vitamin deficiencies. Due to high demanding lifestyle most people do not eat right and as a result they suffer.

Physical trauma like a major accident, severe illness or a recurring flu can cause temporary hair loss. The life cycle of hair is growth stage, rest stage and shedding stage. In case the body experiences a shock during a trauma, hair immediately gets into the shedding phase as a result of the shock.

After giving birth a mother experiences hair loss. This is due to the changes in their hormone levels which during pregnancy, retains the hair in a resting phase. However, within in a few months of delivery the growth is back on track. Besides deficiencies, excess of vitamins also is harmful for the hair and can be another reason for the loss.

One of the major reasons is lack of protein, if the body does not receive enough of it the result shows in the hair growth. Intake or stopping of birth control pills results in temporary loss as well as reduction in growth.

A well-known reason is Anaemia which plays a major role in this situation. Sudden weight loss is another form of trauma which causes hair loss. Various other major diseases results in this condition due to trauma and high medication.

The Golden Solution

Hair loss does not happen only due to external factors. There are many other factors that result in this situation as well. As we go through the causes of this condition, it is staring hard at us and it is blatantly obvious what the major cause of hair loss is.

Predominantly it is the negligence on eating habits of a person that is causing this. Let’s understand what is it really that we need to add, replace and remove from our diet to curb this situation, if at all we experience it in the slightest. Eating the right food and having a proper balance diet is very important and essential for the body and hair as well. Majority of people ignore the hair growth needs.

Natural sources like chicken, tuna, salmon provide vitamin b complex which helps the haemoglobin provide oxygen to the hair follicles which in return boosts hair nourishment and thickness. Seafood, nuts, lentils and meats provides zinc to the hair as it stops dryness and helps the oil glands to keep it away from dandruff.

Sesame seeds, soya, cashew nuts and meats and seafood provide copper which assists in providing more haemoglobin and prevents brittle and weak hair strands. Vitamin C prevents split ends and brittle hair. This is present in lemon, oranges, tomatoes and watermelons. Spinach, red kidney beans, soya bean, dal have high quantity of iron content in them. This iron is very important for ladies and it prevents and reduces hair fall for both men and women.

Beans, nuts, grains, milk, cheese, eggs and meats provide protein a very essential component in the growth of hair. This helps in production of hair, to replace the loss which has been lost. Omega 3 fatty acid is another essential component for keeping the hair from becoming dry and brittle; it is present in fish, seafood and nuts.

Magnesium present in nuts, lentils, spinach enhances the growth of hair and production of red blood cells which help in providing oxygen to the scalp. Leafy vegetables are not everyone’s favourite, but when you got to fight the bigger battle you have to make friends with things you dislike, we always look at the bigger picture right?

Carrots and sweet potatoes contain vitamin A which prevents itchiness and dry scalp and improves the growth and makes the hair look lustrous. Dairy products provide the very essential vitamin B7 which fights hair fall actively. A Delicious breakfast of a bowl full of oats is rich in fibre, zinc, iron, omega 3 fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids which stimulates thick and healthy hair growth.

Walnut is the only nut that is so rich in nutrients it does multiple hair loss prevention activities like strengthening the hair cuticles, nourishing the scalp and it helps protect the DNA from damage from sun exposure, it is also yummy to eat it right. So, enjoy the nut and its benefits right away.

Strawberries…. now whose mouth doesn’t water at the sound of that right? Well the good news is that it also has healthy nutrients that strengthen the hair and increase the growth as well.
Yoghurt helps in strengthening the follicle in the roots.


External sources like shampoos, serums, hair spa can do little unless the growth of the hair is strong from its roots. For internal strength the body needs to eat right, if the body and hair receive the right nutrients, automatically the growth of the hair will be healthier, stronger and hair loss will reduce to bare minimum. It’s like the dart game, the more practice you do the better you get, it’s the same with your hair you fight against the hair loss by taking care of your health, you will ultimately help curb or completely stop hair loss.

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