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How hair loss happens | What are my available options?

How Hair Loss Happens


Are you wondering how hair loss happens? Hair is an essential feature of a human being. It is one of the prime factors that determine how an individual looks. Appearance plays an important role in today’s day and age. One can do so much with their hair, improvise, grow it long, style it short, get a bounce, crop it up the options are endless.
When this feature starts deteriorating it is quite traumatic for any individual. People go through depression, experience low self-esteem, become unhappy. It is absolutely normal to experience some hair loss. The lifecycle of hair has three stages the growth stage, resting stage and shedding stage. At an average a person loses 50-100 strands daily.
It is a matter of concern when hair becomes considerably thinner. There can be number of different situations like dandruff, brittle and weak hair, and itchiness. It is a commonly known fact that men tend to lose more hair than women. Let us understand the various reasons for this deterioration.

Why am I losing my hair?

Losing hair has become a common concern across the globe. There are many causes of it. Amongst them, the most common is genetics. Male pattern baldness is the primary reason in majority of the cases. It is a hereditary condition which causes receding hairline and hair reduces near the crown. This is primarily dependent on age and certain specific hormones.

>h4>Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata is an auto-immune disease which occurs mostly in childhood. Patches of hair is lost and then it spreads across the body. Hair growth is halted as the disease attacks the hair follicles. Millions of people are victims of this disease.

Surgery after effects

After a major surgery, due to high medication there is possibility that the patient can experience this condition for the next few months. However, this is a temporary condition and the growth becomes normal after that period.

Thyroid disease

As the body concentrates on fighting the disease, the growth of hair cells stops and there is a lot of hair fall that the patient experiences. Hair loss due to this condition is temporary and the growth can be renewed.


After delivery, mothers usually experience hair loss. Due to the presence of a certain hormone estrogen in excess, this condition is very common. This continues for about three to six months post which the growth is normal again.

Iron deficiency

If the body does not receive it’s proper dosage of iron, it can result in hair loss. This condition is also called Anaemic. The body experiences lethargy and weakness and the strength and volume of hair becomes very brittle.

Chronic illness

People who suffer from chronic illness also experience the shedding a patches of hair. As the body fights the illness, hair growth is stopped. However, this is temporary, post recovery hair starts growing normally.


Undue and excessive stress results in this condition. As the body and brain is stressed, the body reacts by stopping the hair follicle growth. As a result, hair loss is experienced.

Hair Replacement options

Nowadays, there are multiple options to replace hair. Technology has advanced and there are multiple treatments for this condition, everyday there is a new company which pitches in as a more technically advanced one. Broadly there are three kinds of options: Non-surgical, surgical and medical treatment.

Non-surgical treatment is also called a hair replacement system. This is the easiest of solutions, to find the perfect wig that fits you. It is affordable and safe for the person to make an appearance in the public. Years ago, it was not so advanced and a person wearing a hair piece could easily be noticed. Today it is a case of advanced technology where people can buy customised wigs with many different base options to make wearing a hair unit virtually undetectable.

Surgical Replacement Treatment is the more permanent but painful option. It is a process where the doctor takes the hair from the donor and plants it on the patient. It is important to do this surgery from a reputable doctor or else infections and other problems can happen.

Medical treatment is the last method where the doctor prescribes certain topical applications and drugs which will increase or start the growth in areas required. Many people have claimed that over the years results have shown. However, the disadvantage is it might become an expensive option in the long run and the process is pretty slow.


A common scenario and state of affairs, there are those who experience it from childhood, those who experience in the middle age and those in the old age. During childhood and middle age it can become a sensitive issue.

Besides hereditary, there are other reasons like malnutrition, traumatic accident, chronic disease, male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, stress to name a few. In conditions like this, technology has provided options that suits all kinds of preferences. The non-surgical method is usually the best and less expensive option to help with this condition, it’s popular among the people who do not want to go down the surgical route.

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