Forget About Reselling or Creating Your Own Product… THIS Is the Way to Make Money in Hair-Replacement Industry Today

Put Your Label on One of Our Industry-Leading Products and Kickstart Your Own High-End Brand

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From The Desk of Ryan Margolin - CEO of Professional Hair Labs

Dear entrepreneur,
24 years ago, we were at the exactly same place you are at right now:
Dreaming about growing my business, making money & helping as many people as possible.
That makes us colleagues.
However, there is one key difference between you and us:
We didn’t have a choice.
We had to take the hard path start from scratch, all by ourselves,
and revolutionise the hair adhesive industry.
You, on the other side, don’t have to.
In fact, the path you are about to take is a lot easier and leads straight to success.
But let’s start from the beginning…


The Hair Replacement Industry

Name an industry you believe is better to get into right now –
and I will tell you why you are wrong.Simply, whether you are just looking for the best opportunity make a lot of money or
genuinely want to help people, this is the market to be in.
And unlike all those fads and trends – it’s here to stay.
People won’t stop losing hair anytime soon and, accordingly, demand for high-quality products
that can help them solve this problem (to a degree) will go nowhere but up.
And the best part, it’s hard to decide what brings more satisfaction:
Ridiculous sales on a regular basis OR going to bed at night knowing that you helped
someone get his/her confidence back.

There is just one problem...


When we started in 1994, the industry was dominated by a few brands whose products weren’t THAT good. So by simply having a vision – and developing better, safer products – we managed to quickly get to the top and win a big part of the market.

(The part we are still holding – and expanding)

However, many things changed in 24 years:

As a result of this, getting into resale doesn’t really make
sense anymore because profit margins are low and it’s impossible to separate yourself from the competition…

And developing your own product is out of the question, as it requires spending an immense amount of money on research and production – without any guarantee that the market will actually accept it.

All this made hair-replacement industry almost impossible to enter for small businesses.

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But what if...

What if you had a product that’s already
proven to work (and sell like crazy)?
What if you could get a team of world-class designers to work on your branding and make you look like a big, successful company from the day 1?
And craziest of all… What if I told you that you can have all that for a fraction of the cost of starting your own business from scratch?



Just Put Private Your Label on One of Pro Hair Labs’ Industry-Leading Hair Replacement Products and Let Us Do All the Heavy Lifting

What’s The Catch?

I know the offer might sound too good to be true at first, but there really is no ‘catch’.
Pro Hair Labs is offering professional businesses
a unique chance to take our products & resell them as their own, under our popular white label merchandising offer.
You select one of our established products and let us produce, label and pack it for you… So all you need to do is sell.

Just imagine how your brand could benefit from selling some of the industry’s finest, best-selling hair replacement products under your own private label…
No fuss, no stress – just high-quality products designed to click your brand up a gear or two.

About Professional Hair Labs

In over two decades in the business, we established ourselves as the World leader in
cosmetic bonding products, scalp treatments and cleansers.
Ask any cosmetologist or hair replacement studio in USA, Canada or even Europe,
and they will all tell you the same thing:


Professional Hair Labs are a formidable entity in
the cosmetic bonding world, known as much for exceptional customer service as for industry leading products.

So after untold amounts of studios and online retailers started turning to us for advice on their product line requirements, we decided to create a private label service and enable other brands – with less resources and experience – to build names for themselves selling highest-quality hair replacement products.

Private Label Hair Replacement Products | Professional Hair Labs

Here Is What You Can Expect From Us


A Complete Range of World Class Products

When it comes to wig adhesives and other cosmetic bonding products, our formulas are second to none (and that’s not just our opinion). You can take one (or all) of our products, including ever-popular Ghost Bond adhesive, high-performance hair system shampoos and industry-leading cleansers.

On top of that, our products are also 100% safe for skin AND our bottles are biodegradable, so you will sleep like a baby at night knowing that you are doing business the right way.

50+ Years of Experience in the Business

By teaming up with us, you are not just
getting an experienced manufacturer – but a business partner and a mentor. Ask us about anything – from manufacturing to marketing to scaling – and you will get first-hand advice you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

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Full Customization

This is YOUR brand. Therefore, we will adjust to you – not vice-versa. Our team of experts will design your packaging, develop marketing and do everything to make our products more bespoke for you.

Some of the Benefits Our Private Label Partners Are Already Enjoying


Increased Margins

We produce products of the highest quality that demand good prices in the marketplace – and give them over to you for a fraction of the cost of resale products. You don’t need a calculator to conclude that you will take the biggest cut.


No Middle Man

Our arrangement is couldn’t be any simpler: We create products (for a small fee), you sell them for as much as you want and take profits. No middle man, no commissions, no unexpected costs.

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Customer Loyalty

Building a loyal base of returning customers is central to long-term business success – and nothing attracts them faster than a unique brand with top-notch products. These people will buy anything you put out – regardless of the price – and become your brand advocates.


Reduced Competition

Building your own private label brand allows
you to create your unique image and marketing identity. As a result of this, you will be able to separate yourself from the competition and attract a big customer base without lowering your prices.


Pricing Control

Unlike resellers who have to constantly outbid each others in order to attract customers, you can have the highest price on the market and still make sales.
How come?
a) Because no one else sells the same product,
hence you don’t have to worry about matching anyone’s price.
b) Your selling price is in direct relation to the perceived value of the problems your product solves. And trust us, once your customers see how your products solves their problems, no price will be too high for them.

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Finally, There Is Something No Other Private-Label Option Can Offer You

Private labelling always comes with this one, big risk: That you will be left stuck with dead inventory; a stock of products you just can’t shift.

Simply, you can’t know how good and popular your manufacturer’s products will turn out to be until they hit the market.
That horrific uncertainty is the biggest downside of this business model.

If you choose to work with Pro Hair Labs, you will pretty much eliminate that risk.

Our products have been tested, sold, adjusted, improved and then sold again for more than two decades.

After all these years, we can say with certainty that every single one of them is fully optimized to be incredibly popular with customers.

So once you start selling them and word gets out how good they are, all you’ll need to do is sit back and watch them fly off the shelves.

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Fair Warning:


Before you bookmark this page and take your time to think about this offer, there is something you should keep in mind:

As big as our resources are, the number of partners we can accept at this point is NOT unlimited.

Depending on how many units per month are ordered from all oncoming private label projects, we will only choose to work with 10 companies per month

GHOST BOND Adhesive Pen - Touch-up for Hair Units | Pro Hair labs

So if you want to ensure that we have a spot for your company or brand, I suggest you contact us today to discuss.