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Manufacturers and suppliers of premium hair products that salon professionals and their clientele can trust to deliver superior results. We ensure that our products perform their function without causing harm to your clientele, technicians or the environment.

As the meteoric rise in popularity of wigs & hairpieces continue to skyrocket, beauty businesses are faced with a flood of options when it comes to the required wig care products and adhesives. With every product claiming to be the best on the market, it can become difficult to know what to offer your clients. We know that salon owners and product distributors worldwide are looking for high-quality bonding adhesives, skin care and scalp treatments that are affordable, safe and, most importantly, reliable.


No business wants to spend its time or revenue placating unhappy customers when their products produce undesirable results, especially when those results are as embarrassing as an unattached wig or as uncomfortable as a chemical reaction.

Many of the well-known brands stocked on salon shelves contain Hexane, Xylene and Toluene, chemical ingredients that have been proven to interfere with the natural PH balance of the skin and are often considered major health risks. With a clear “Safety First” motto, we believe that no-one should have to choose between a great hair day and the health of their skin. Our commitment to salon owners and their clients means that we will never introduce these harmful chemicals into our formulas.
As the industry grows, we consistently innovate and develop new and improved formulas with the safety of the consumer in mind. This means that we are able to manufacture an alternative hair care range that is skin safe, environmentally friendly and that guarantees satisfaction.

A Brand Built
On Experience.

After his wife contracted chemical poisoning while working as a hair technician, Howard Margolin knew that it was time for a major change in the hair industry. He had a vision of a superior line of hair products that could be used with complete peace of mind and knew that it was his calling to develop it. The couple sold their hair replacement studios and started from scratch with a new commitment to creating effective hair and wig care solutions that ensured the safety of salon clientele and the technicians who serve them.
The Margolin’s knew from experience that many of the bonding adhesives found on the market rely heavily on abrasive ingredients and that these ingredients have the potential to cause breakouts, dryness and inflammation of the skin. When they set out to create an alternative, they knew that they wanted to introduce a product that delivered top-class results but that still felt comfortable on the skin. Their diligence and expertise resulted in Ghost Bond, a high-quality water-resistant cosmetic adhesive that has become a favourite among salon owners and professionals across the globe for its high performance, predictable results and guaranteed skin safety.
From 40 years of industry experience and an unwavering dedication to safety, Professional Hair Labs was born. Almost three decades later, Professional Hair Labs has become a trusted industry leader with manufacturing facilities in Ireland and the U.S. and the ability to ship their products to salons worldwide. Having joined the company over the last 10 years, Ryan Margolin as CEO, Daryl Margolin as VP and David Margolin as COO are set to carry Professional Hair Labs into the next generation with the aims of continuing a legacy of safety, quality and efficacy in the beauty industry.

Are you ready to prioritize your clients’ wellbeing & choose only the best for your business?

Partnering with Professional Hair Labs is the key to your continued success. We can’t wait to welcome you to the family!
Ryan Margolin

Ryan Margolin

Daryl Margolin

Daryl Margolin

David Margolin

David Margolin

Chief Operating Officer

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Who We Are?


Pro Hair Labs

When you choose to work with Pro Hair Labs, you are choosing to work with a company that not only supplies high performance hair adhesive products, but also one which believes in putting safety first. All our products are developed with skin kindness in mind, and use no toxic chemicals or other harmful ingredients. Pro Hair Labs was first conceived in 1994 when our founder, Howard Margolin, set out to perfect the science of full head bonding with a vision of revolutionizing the hair adhesive industry. He wanted to bring truly safe, skin kind products to market, which could compete with the best for performance and reliability…

Why choose Pro Hair Labs?

Pro Hair Labs are formidable entity in the cosmetic bonding world
Pro Hair Labs are formidable entity in the cosmetic bonding world, known as much for their exceptional customer service as for their industry leading products. When you choose to work with us, you’ll be guaranteed the VIP treatment from the moment you pick up the phone. Within our in house team, we have acres of experience and expertise from across the wig adhesive spectrum.

Kind to the planet too

Our safety first commitment doesn’t stop with our revolutionary hair adhesive products. We also aim to make our business as planet kind as we can too. This includes providing all our products in 100 per cent biodegradable packaging, and using ingredients that will not only not damage your skin, but will be harmless to the environment too.

Science Behind Full Head Bonding | Pro Hair Labs

Meet the Team


Howard Margolin

President of Pro Hair Labs


Ryan Margolin

CEO of Pro Hair Labs

Daryl Margolin

Daryl Margolin

VP of Pro Hair Labs


Dave Margolin

COO of Pro Hair Labs