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The weather is bright and shiny outside. What a great day for a stroll in the park! Just one thing is stopping you: excessive sweating. When your hairpiece starts to absorb all the perspiration, it becomes very uncomfortable to wear. You constantly worry about it falling off or the wind blowing it away. No matter how strong your adhesive promises to be, you still panic over ending up in an embarrassing situation.

The Ghost Bond For Women Only by Professional Hair Labs provides a superior hairpiece holding power so you can go about your daily activities with confidence.

How to Use:


1. If bonding a skin/polyurethane unit, apply one thin coat on the base. This should always be completed before you start applying GHOSTBOND XL to the scalp. If you are using a lace unit, please do not apply a coat of adhesive to the base of the unit.


2. Apply 4 thin coats of GHOSTBOND XL to the client’s scalp, or if using a lace unit, apply 5 thin coats, using the same quantity of adhesive with each coat. Allow roughly 20 seconds in between coats for each coat to dry clear.


3. Once the last coat has been applied, wait 7-10 minutes for GHOSTBOND XL to completely cure.


4. The recommended cleaner to remove GHOSTBOND XL from the scalp is Ultra-Safe all natural adhesive remover. To remove GHOSTBOND XL from the hair unit, please use a suitable Professional Hair Labs citrus remover.

Ingredients & Benefits

Designed with women in mind, this adhesive pays special attention to the natural properties of women’s skin, eliminating the worries of painful side effects.
Our adhesive bonding glue brings on maximum hold even under the most unfavorable situations, such as excessive sweating, extreme moisture and high temperatures.
This superior holding glue is formulated to absorb light and blend with your skin tone, creating an invisible bond after application and leaving your hairline unnoticeable. unfavorable situations, such as excessive sweating, extreme moisture and high temperatures.
Say goodbye to old hair glues that contain latex or toxic ingredients. Our high-performance wig glue is manufactured under strict standards and rigorously tested to ensure 100% safety.
Finally, a clear glue designed to work well with even the most challenging skin types. It masks yellow sebum excretion and protects from natural skin oils or wetness.
For Women Only - Hair Adhesive & bonding glues for wigs | Pro Hair Labs

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