Dual Action Shampoo

With the blend of botanical actives and naturally derived ingredients, this dual action lathering formula removes adhesives and cleanses away superficial debris, build-ups in both scalp and hair units. This shampoo is specifically designed with three types of powerful plant-based surfactants to refresh and revitalize hair and scalp without stripping the moisture. With natural antibacterial and antifungal activities, it helps balance the scalp biome creating a perfectly healthy environment. Dual Action Shampoo also restores damaged hair and leaving it soft and shiny.

Suitable for scalp and all types of hair units

How to Use:


  1. After using Ultra-Safe, apply onto wet scalp, make it lather, and massage gently.
  2. Rinse and repeat until all adhesive residue is gone.

Hair System:

  1. Wash the base of the hair system with Ghost Buster
  2. Immerse hair unit for one minute and agitate gently if needed
  3. Allow the hair unit to dry completely. 

Ingredients & Hair Care Benefits

Also Known as SLES, Sodium Laureth Sulfate is deemed ‘safe to use’ by many regulatory bodies. With an intense cleansing effect, this anionic surfactant from ethoxylated lauryl alcohol in coconut oil removes both superficial and deep-seated impurities effectively.
Cocamide diethanolamine is a non-ionic surfactant made by chemically altering certain fatty acids in coconut oil with diethanolamine. Since Cocamide DEA is both water-soluble and oil-soluble, it helps both water and oil to be evenly dispersed in a solution trapping the oil-based dirt so that impurities can be rinsed away.
An excellent mild amphoteric surfactant derived from fatty acid made from coconuts. It creates a rich, luxurious creamy lather that softens hair and reduces static effect, leaving smooth, detangled, and manageable strands.
The powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties soothe itchy and stressed skin, protecting it from oxidative stress. Moreover, Tea Tree Oil has antibacterial and antifungal activities that help reduce dandruff caused by an accumulation of scaly, dry skin on the scalp. Its stimulant effect enhances blood flow and supplies nutrients to hair follicles while balancing the scalp’s pH level and leaving a healthy environment.
This potent humectant that attracts and locks in moisture helps uphold the scalp’s protective barrier, boosts hydration, and relieves dryness while refreshing the scalp.
Oxidative stress has been linked with the lackluster quality of hair. Tocopheryl Acetate -a form of vitamin E promotes scalp health and provides hair with a solid base to grow by reducing oxidative stress. Vitamin E Acetate also preserves protective lipid layer.

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