Miracle Glove

You are busy because you’re good at what you do. You can’t sacrifice perfection for protection, so when it comes to the cosmetic bonding process you use what nature gave you: your bare hands. Consequently, your hands are damaged, drying, and you could also develop skin conditions, which is only compounded day after day as your work to keep your clients looking their very best.

The Miracle Glove Hand Moisturizer by Professional Hair Labs will provide a skin-safe barrier and allows you to use your fingertips all day long.

How to Use:


1. Apply the shampoo using your fingers, lather, and work the it down to the ends.


2. Rinse until all oils and traces of product buildups have been removed.


3. For best results, Follow-up with Pro Series Conditioner and Leave-In Conditioner.


4. For best results, Follow-up with Pro Series Conditioner and Leave-In Conditioner.

Ingredients & Benefits

A hand lotion that coats your hands to create an invisible glove, effectively protecting skin from harmful chemicals for up to 24 hours. Work all day without worries.

Citrus acids, alcohols, and solvents can cause dry, cracked, or irritated skin. Protection is a must. Apply this hand cream 3 times a day to maintain softness and moisture.
Developed with hair techs in mind, our heavy-duty moisturizing lotion protects your hands from exposure to wig glue and from the effects of tedious repeated tasks.
Won’t dry your hands. This moisturizer protects your pH balance while nourishing your skin. It maintains your natural skin oils so you don’t have to replace them.
We make sure that, at all times, safety must come first. So, we test every ingredient to make sure it is gentle and safe for you. Massage into skin and see the difference!

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