Looking for the perfect wig glue? The search is over thanks to GHOSTBOND wig glue. Find out more about this incredible product, sold by Professional Hair Labs.

Wig glue is one of the most important products for good wig care. In fact, a good
wig glue is worth its weight in gold to help you feel confident and beautiful while wearing your wigs. Finding the right wig glue means finding a product that can support you through whatever life throws at you, and that’s exactly what GHOSTBOND is here to do. 

At Professional Hair Labs, we’re a world-leading supplier of cosmetic bonding products, taking care of all your wig adhesive needs. Selling professional brands like GHOSTBOND means we can help you with all of your wig adhesive needs, so you can enjoy your wigs knowing they’ll stay in place. 

Strong Hold That Lasts

What the above shows is that there is one thing that every wig wearer needs, for every situation – strong, reliable hold. With GHOSTBOND wig glue, you can benefit from the latest formulas in wig glue, designed to provide superior and long-lasting hold. Whether you wear a lace wig or favor scalp adhesion, there are GHOSTBOND products to suit your needs.

Ghost bond

Your New Favorite Wig Glue

GHOSTBOND products are designed to meet a range of wig needs, all designed with comfort and practicality in mind. With acrylic, silicone and water-based wig glues available, you can choose products that suit your lifestyle, giving you more freedom and flexibility when it comes to your wig.

What Are The Benefits Of GHOSTBOND?

GHOSTBOND is a fantastic choice for wig glue. Sold all over the world, at Professional Hair Labs, we can’t get enough of this popular haircare brand. So what exactly are the benefits of GHOSTBOND?

Long-Lasting Hold

GHOSTBOND products provide long-lasting hold, helping you get the most wear out of your product. Manufactured to ensure a strong hold, you can enjoy a range of activities knowing your wig will stay safe and secure. Some GHOSTBOND formulas can last up to several weeks, making them ideal for vacations and much more.

Waterproof & Oil-Resistant

With specially-formulated wig glues, you can feel confident wherever you wear your wig. Whether in water or hot climates, the waterproof and oil-resistant properties of GHOSTBOND will keep your wig looking its best, fitting into all aspects of your life.

Dries Clear

For a wig that is subtle and natural-looking, a clear adhesive is recommended. GHOSTBOND products dry clear, helping to make your bonds undetectable when applied correctly.

Suitable For Lace Wigs

Some of our GHOSTBOND products are suitable for use with lace wigs. Give GHOSTBOND Supreme a try for a product that will deliver excellent hold for all of your lace wigs.

Products That Smell Incredible

GHOSTBOND really are products that have it all. They deliver excellent hold and are easy to apply, while also being waterproof. But did you know that GHOSTBOND also fell fragranced wig glues? Check out GHOSTBOND XL in Green Apple, Peach, Rose, Watermelon and Coconut. With so many different fragrances to choose from, you could add different smells to your collection to choose a glue that suits your mood on any given day. Our fragranced products feature the same skin-friendly ingredients to keep your scalp healthy, while smelling fresh.

Kind To Sensitive Skin Types

It can be difficult to find a wig glue that offers both long-lasting hold and is kind to skin. We’re pleased to stock GHOSTBOND products that have been triple-distilled to remove them of impurities, for a product that delivers high performance while being kind to skin. Whether you have sensitive skin or not, you can feel comfortable knowing your product is free from some of the nasties that can cause irritation.

Long-lasting Bonding For Better Results

Maintaining a wig can be hard work, but it doesn’t have to be this way. GHOSTBOND hard bond hair glues are designed to provide you with long-term hold that can make your wig feel more natural, while being easier to manage for you. Whether you want to wear your wig for a day, a weekend or several weeks, these products give you the flexibility to choose.
If you’re tired of looking for a product that won’t let you down, Professional Hair Labs has you covered with the GHOSTBOND range.

How To Use GHOSTBOND Wig Glue

Knowing how to use your GHOSTBOND wig glue properly will help you ensure precise application that will make your wig hard to detect, and keep it in place for longer.

Before You Start

Pre-application care is important to make sure your wig adhesive can be applied properly. You should start each application by making sure your scalp is clean and free from oils. Ensure your scalp is dry to give a good base to apply your wig adhesive, followed by your wig.

Poly System Wig Application

Lace Wig Application

Apply a thin coat of adhesive to your head, allowing it to turn clear – this should take around 20 seconds. Repeat to apply 4 coats in total.
hair image
Once the final coat is applied, wait 7 minutes before fitting your wig into place. Make sure you’re happy with your application while you wait for it to set.
Do not apply adhesive directly to a lace base. This is very important to maintain the quality of your piece.


After you’ve fitted your wig into place, you should avoid getting your head wet for 24 hours. During this time, the adhesive will still be taking hold, so any water could cause the adhesive to become lost. After 24 hours, the adhesive will be appropriately cured for secure & comfortable wear.

Removing Your Wig & Adhesive

Care must be taken when removing your wig to protect your wig, your scalp and any hair on your head. Use an adhesive remover to help loosen the glue to help you remove your wig safely. Spray the adhesive, taking care of your wig while doing so.

Caring For Your Scalp

Taking good care of your scalp will help keep the skin healthy, leaving you with the perfect base for wig application. Cleanse your scalp regularly and use treatments to maintain its condition and to make it easier to apply your wigs.

Benefits of wearing wigs

The Problems Faced By Wig Wearers Today

Wig wearers come in all shapes and sizes, all ages and genders. Wigs give people a chance to express themselves, feel more confident and feel more like themselves. As wigs have seen a surge in popularity, the quality and choice have also improved, making wigs more appealing than ever.
But all wig wearers will know that there are daily challenges that come from wearing a wig, including:

They can’t be worn in water

If you’ve ever wanted to wear your wig swimming or in the shower, you’ve probably worried about the risk of your wig slipping off when wet. Now, wig clue innovation has created waterproof wig glues, like Ghost Bond Supreme, which help keep your wig in place, even when wet.

There’s a chance they’ll move or come away in poor weather

Bad weather has been responsible for many hair disasters. And where you wear a wig, the anxiety that can be caused by poor weather is enough to make you want to stay at home. While wig glue can’t stop you from getting wet, it can stop it from becoming loose when you’re outside.
Ghost Bond classic


Water-based wig glues are ideal for those with sensitive skin. They are white when applied, but dry clear to make them invisible. Water-based formulas are very easy to apply and remove, so if you’re looking for a low-maintenance solution, then water-based wig glue is an excellent choice.

GHOSTBOND Classic is one of our top water-based adhesives, a popular product for those looking for an everyday wig glue.

They need to be removed for sleeping

One of the main issues with weaning wigs is that general adhesives mean that they need to be removed at night before sleep. This can lead to insecurities and means the wig needs to be reattached every day.

Exercise can cause your wig to move

Thanks to GHOSTBOND wig glue, you can enjoy exercise without worrying about your wig. Go to the gym, go for a run or take that HIIT class knowing your wig will stay exactly where you want it to stay.

Hard Bond - Acrylic

The Hard Bond range is acrylic based, which can help provide a perimeter permanent bonding solution. The glue has been developed to be stronger than some water-based wig blues and is solvent-free for your comfort.
Products in the Hard Bond range include Flex-a-Bond, which isn’t known as the best hard bond adhesive for nothing! Free from impurities, this high-performing formula is a market leader for wig adhesives.

Hard Bond - Silicone

Silicone-based hard bonding solutions can be a suitable alternative for people who prefer a more flexible solution. Silicone doesn’t leave a hair track like some formulas do, while also remaining flexible even after drying. With incredible performance, it’s ideal for daily wear.

Check out the Bio Soft Loc Plus for one of our best-selling wig glue products.


What Do Others Have To Say About GHOSTBOND?

GHOSTBOND products are sold internationally, helping thousands of people apply wigs with ease.
Some of the things people have to say about GHOSTBOND include: 

“This product is the best!!! The reason being is because it’s a great adhesive aka a great glue for installs it’ll leave you in disbelief, I recommend everyone try this glue at least once you won’t be disappointed.”
Jalynn Griffin, via Amazon
“This hair glue has to be one of the best if not the best on the market! The pricing was comparable to other glues. The key is making sure that you apply a thin layer, smooth it out, and let it dry clear before you apply another coat of glue. I suggest 2 coatings if your wig has great lace. Once you adhere the lace wig completely, tie the front down with a scarf or lace wig band for about 30 minutes.”
Detreace Brinson, via Amazon
“This glue worked magic on my lace front and really gave me the melt look that I was looking for in regards to my frontal looking invisible on my forehead. I’ve tried so many glue options and this is the one.”
Tyerra Jackson, via Amazon
“Ghost bond is my #1 go to!! This glue holds the lace down like no other. Highly recommended.”
Amarie Smith , via Amazon
Regularly receiving 5-star reviews, GHOSTBOND is the top choice for wig adhesives worldwide.


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You can buy the full range of GHOSTBOND products from Professional Hair Labs. We sell wig adhesives and other products that are designed with high performance and healthy skin in mind. We know it’s important for people to look and feel good and hope that our products can help individuals achieve that.

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What the above shows is that there is one thing that every wig wearer needs, for every situation – strong, reliable hold. With GHOSTBOND wig glue, you can benefit from the latest formulas in wig glue, designed to provide superior and long-lasting hold. Whether you wear a lace wig or favor scalp adhesion, there are GHOSTBOND products to suit your needs.

Find the right wig adhesives for your needs by exploring our full range of
GHOSTBOND hair glues. And if you need any further information about our products or advice on their use, please contact us, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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