Flex A Bond

They don’t say our Flex-A-Bond is the world’s best hard bond adhesive for nothing! If you are yet to try the concrete holding power of this cosmetic bonding formula, then we promise you’ll be amazed by the results. We triple distill Flex-A-Bond to create a wig adhesive that is completely free from impurities, making it incredibly high performing. 

How to Use:


1. Prepare the client’s head as you would for any track system.


2. Apply redline tape temple to temple on the base of the system. Run a very thin bead of Flex-a-Bond adhesive down the centre of the redline tape.


3. Spread out the Flex-a-Bond adhesive with a small brush, making sure that the adhesive is on the tape only. Set the brush aside.


4. Apply the hair system to the scalp. Seat the hair system in place by pulling down with a towel. Check the brush you used to apply the adhesive. When the bristles are hard, the adhesive is cured. .

Ingredients & Benefits

Flex-A-Bond’s key performance feature is the elasticity function that is formulated into the product. This ensures that during the time that you are wearing your hair unit or wig, there is no flaking. 

Flex-A-Bond is triple distilled to ensure the liquid is available in it’s purest form, ensuring high performance. 

Hard bonds have a tendency to crystallise after a short period of time, leaving dried adhesive sitting on the shoulders and looking like a bad case of dandruff! Using Flex-A-Bond will ensure to avoid this challenge and the end result, is a product that not only comes with our safety first guarantee, but also leaves the hair looking and natural and the client feeling comfortable and confident. 

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