Bio Soft Loc

Hard setting perimeter hair bonding solutions, can leave a visible  hair track and a disappointing to the client. This is why Bio Soft Loc was formulated. This silicone based hair adhesive maintains flexibility as it dries, bringing you the perfect perimeter bond without showing the hair track. This is a truly high performing hair bonding solution that dries clear and can last 4 weeks or more. 

How to Use:


1. Have client hold the hair system in place and mark track area using a grease pencil. Cut the track area 1 inch wide and 1/8th inch high from temple to temple. Check for proper fit before proceeding


2. Apply a thin coat of Bio Soft Loc Plus to the inside border of the hair system and to the track area (a cloth tape may be applied first to the inside border of the hair piece to aid in cleanup at the next service). Spread or brush the thin coat of bio soft plus to even thickness to insure uniform drying time.


3. Allow adhesive to dry until tacky. The adhesive will not hold properly unless the solvent has evaporated.


4. When the adhesive is tacky to the touch, carefully position the unit in place, firmly press the surfaces together and hold for about 1 minute.

Ingredients & Benefits

PLEASE NOTE: This product contains Ethyl Acetate and should be used in a well ventilated area. 

Our adhesive wig glue brings on maximum hold even under the most unfavorable situations, such as excessive sweating, extreme moisture and high temperatures.

This high performing silicone based adhesive is formulated to dry quick and clear, giving you hold you need. 

Finally, a hair adhesive designed to work well with even the most challenging skin types. It masks yellow sebum excretion and protects from natural skin oils or wetness.
Step in the shower without having to worry about your hair system losing its bond. Although our adhesive is water based, it won’t come off when you shampoo and condition your hair.
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