Transdermal Type II Adhesive

Adhesive removers are notoriously hard on hair units. Most are known for altering hair colors, damaging the textures of perfect units, and causing burning to any skin that is exposed to any part of the chemical bonding process. Such damage could be acquired during the act of bonding or the act of removal. What you need is something tough on goop, but non-abrasive, non-drying, and won’t alter the appearance of your hairpiece.

The Transdermal Type II Adhesive Remover by Professional Hair Labs is gentle enough to eliminate everything left behind without causing any damage.

How to Use:

1. Add product to a plastic container and completely submerge hair unit

2. Leave for 10-minutes to 2 days

3. Keep remover at room temperature for optimal performance

4. Remove hair unit and clean with lace-cleaning gun

Ingredients & Benefits

Is your adhesive so good that it leaves a mark? This bond remover will disintegrate any trace of glue residue on the hair piece, leaving you a clean surface to work on.

Breathe new life into your hair units. This wig glue remover is a citrus-based cleanser without zero toxic chemicals. No harmful effects to your hair color or texture.

Products that use Lanolin and Aloe are common in removers. We steer clear from such ingredients so you don’t have to worry about the greasy residue they left behind.

Your hair unit will not suffer from the use of this product. This non-chemical adhesive remover cleanses your wig while maintaining its pristine condition.

Spending days cleaning a hairpiece is not always in the cards. In just a few minutes, your wig or weave is ready for use, thanks to this glue removal solution.

Transdermal Type II Remover For Hair Units - Pro Hair Labs

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