Ultra-Safe Adhesive Remover For Skin

Our Ultra-Safe Adhesive Remover formula is specially designed to break down any bond or tape residue from wigs, toupees, and other hairpieces, whilst maintaining the health of your scalp. It helps to safely remove any traces of glue, dirt, and oil build-up without hurting the scalp or pulling out any hairs and edges – No more bald spots! This ultra-gentle remover helps to regulate sebum production and scalp pH, and leaves the scalp feeling hydrated, soothed, smooth, and healthy.

Suitable for professional and personal use.

How to Use:

On lace systems:

  1. Spray Ultra-Safe directly down through the lace. 
  2. Leave soak for 1-2 minutes before attempting to remove the lace.
  3. Slowly peel back from the scalp, ensuring not to damage hair. 

On Poly System:

  1. Lightly spray Ultra-Safe under the edge of the hair system. 
  2. Leave soak 1-2 minutes before attempting to remove. 
  3. Slowly peel back from the scalp, ensuring not to damage the hair system. 

Ingredients & Benefits

Also known as Coco silicone, Coco-Caprylate is an ester of coconut fatty alcohol, caprylic acid, mainly designed to offer a natural sensorial alternative to volatile silicones like Cyclomethicone. It is 100% renewable, readily biodegradable, and approved by natural certifications globally. This ultralight emollient, fast-spreading emollient improves the glide during the application, helps dissolve buildups, and moisturizes the scalp leaving it with a non-greasy, soft after touch.
Another natural silicone alternative with superior compatibility with a dry, silky feel. It is an innovative, 100% renewable dry emollient that helps smoothen and soften the hair while hydrating the scalp. Dicaprylyl Carbonate also has a gentle cleansing efficacy that lifts oil-loving buildup, adhesives leaving scalp residue-free and glue-free.
Due to the high oleic acid content and monounsaturated fats, Avocado oil penetrates the hair shaft, imparting intense hydration. Its antioxidants, biotin, minerals, essential fatty acids, and vitamins A, B-5, and E support the healthy scalp. Moreover, proven to improve a dry and flaking scalp, Avocado oil helps boost blood flow to the scalp, unclogging blocked follicles, creating a healthy scalp environment for hair to grow. Avocado polyphenols help shield the scalp and hair from environmental aggressors, including UV damage and pollutants.
Oxidative stress has been linked with the lacklustre quality of hair. D- mixed Tocopherol -a form of vitamin E soothes the stressed scalp, improves its health, and delivers hair with a solid base to grow by reducing oxidative stress. Vitamin E also replenishes moisture and preserves the protective lipid layer.
Ultra-Safe Adhesive Remover For Skin by Professional Hair Labs

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What Our Customers Say

Lady D

The Best All Natural Remover EVER! – This product is better than advertised by the manufacturer. I expected to spray and leave it on to loosen the glue, but the second I sprayed on, the glue instantly loosened. I even used it on my styling utensils, wigs, and my hands. It definitely gets the job done and has a lovely citrusy scent. I even used it to remove that black weaving glue and it worked like magic. I had purchase another brand in the past that was a waste of money. THIS IS A MUST HAVE PRODUCT.


So Gentle! – Amazing!! I have very sensitive skin and I am used to chemically burning my skin with removers that include harsh chemicals and strong citrus that would leave my skin feeling like it was on fire. This glue remover is so soft on my skin and smoothly helped me remove my lace front.


This Remover Works Wonders! – This works wonders, the only thing that I found that gets glue off my topper. It does have to sit for a bit and saturate but this stuff works!!

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