No Sweat

This antiperspirant fast-drying formula for the scalp is specially designed to control sweat and oil effectively while shutting down sebaceous glands for 24-48 hours, giving time to bond time cure correctly. No-Sweet targets the most problematic factor- the excessive sebum and sweat secretion during the curing process, resulting in less effective bonding. The unique wallet-friendly scalp care treatment with potent actives helps scalp oil-free and sweat-free, ensuring an excellent bond with the adhesive.

Suitable for oily scalp or scalp with overactive sebaceous glands.

How to Use:

1. Spray onto a paper towel from 6 inches away.

2. Use a paper towel to wipe No-Sweat over the scalp where the area is to be bonded.

3. Once dry, you are ready to apply the adhesive-Ghost Bond.

Highlighted Ingredients & Hair Care Benefits

Astringents help balance sebum production while antioxidants and anti-inflammatory activities tackle sensitivity and relieve symptoms such as itching and tenderness.
This specific aluminum salt is an antiperspirant that helps control excessive sweating. It works by forming a temporary plug within the sweat glands that help minimize the flow of sweat to the scalp’s surface. While the aluminum chlorohydrate decreases the amount of sweat on the surface, it also creates an environment hostile to the growth of malodor-producing bacteria to help reduce odor affecting sebaceous glands.
A short-chained alcohol that helps dry out oil-prone scalp leaving it free from greasiness to bond properly.
Oxidative stress has been linked with the lackluster quality of hair. Tocopheryl Acetate -a form of vitamin E promotes scalp health and provides hair with a solid base to grow by reducing oxidative stress. Vitamin E Acetate also preserves protective lipid layer.
The formula is scented with florally Jasmine and Lotus that soothe all the senses.

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