Pro Series Leave In Conditioner

This daily protection formula is formulated to hydrate and detangle hair “on the go.” Packed with emollient-rich Argan Oil, replenishing proteins and humectants, the leave-in treatment helps strengthen strands, prevent breakage, split ends, and smooth out frizz for silky, strong hair. It also protects hair from daily exposure to external stressors like UV rays, heat, pollution, brushing, and abrasion.

Suitable for all types of hair units.

How to Use:


1. From an arm's length away, spray evenly onto hair after your washing routine. You can also spray from mid-lengths to ends of dry hair before styling for a conditioning refresh.


2. Do not rinse.


3. Leave to dry before using heated styling tools.


4. For best results, regularly use with Pro Series Shampoo and Pro Series Conditioner.

Ingredients & Benefits

A cationic quaternary ammonium salt partially derived from coconut and palm kernel. Cetrimonium chloride has anti-static, anti-frizz, and detangling properties while imparting an excellent conditioning effect on hair.
With its excellent emollient effect, argan oil builds an invisible moisture veil and delivers intense hydration, preventing hair strands from drying. Argan oil also naturally improves hair’s elasticity and brings back the shine to dull, lifeless hair. It is also a rich source of vitamin E and helps stop splitting and breakage.
Keratin is the structural protein of the hair. Hydrolyzed keratin helps revitalize the hair’s natural protective layer and rebuild tensile strength while returning elasticity and reducing breakage. It also reduces hair damage from harsh chemicals.
Itsfilm-forming properties provide an effective moisturizing effect that leaves hair a protective and conditioned feel.
Thiscollagen protein concentrate delivers excellent film-forming and conditioning properties for dull & damaged hair.
This potent humectant attracts and locks in moisture and boosts hydration.
A.k.a Provitamin-B5 is the alcohol analog of the vitamin pantothenic acid. It penetrates hair shafts repairing and strengthening damaged hair. Panthenol also selectively deposits to damaged areas of hair and prevents split ends. Plus, its great humectant properties attract and hold moisture on the hair.
UV Barrier thatprotects the hair from harmful sunlight.
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