Slimming/ Anti-Cellulite Gel Cream

This potent anti-cellulite body treatment is formulated to help sculpt, firm, and reinforce the skin’s structure revealing the slimmer silhouette. With the advanced X-50 Silhouette Cosmetic Drone Technology, the formula recognizes and acts selectively onfat cells: It inhibits the accumulation of fat, and inhibits formation of new fat cells,and activates fat-burning leaving skin toned tighter with an even smooth surface. It also contains effective humectants and emollients to deliver deep hydration. Anti-Cellulite Gel Cream boosts your body confidence while floral notes with a hint of Jasmin soothe the senses.

Suitable for cellulite, loss of firmness and elasticity

How to Use:

1. Apply to clean affected body area in the morning and evening daily.

2. Massage in upward circular movements until absorbed.

Ingredients & Benefits

An advanced clinically tested anti-cellulite complex that blends a biomimetic peptide and Coccoloba extract in a unique delivery system(INCI Name:Coccoloba Uvifera Fruit Extract (and) Lactic Acid (and) Glycolic Acid (and) Polyvinyl Alcohol (and) Acetyl Cyclohexapeptide-34) that recognizes and acts selectively on fat cells or adipocytes.The mechanism of action in X-50 Silhouette Drone is three-fold. It inhibits the accumulation of fat, inhibits the formation of new fat cells, and activates fat-burning or lipolysis. The result leads to reduce superficial fat minimizing the appearance of cellulite and improving orange peel skin.As per the revealed data, visible effects of 1% reduction in superficial fat and 7% reduction in orange peel has been achieved in just 8 weeks.
An excellent emollient derived from Coconut Oil. Caprylic/capric Triglycerides build a barrier on the skin’s surface to increase hydration by reducing the loss of moisture. Its lightweight oily texture delivers a rapid spreadability, without a non-greasy after-touch.
Asilicone-based polymer is a gentle moisturizing ingredient leaving long lasting skin-smoothing effect. Dimethicone has proven to form a barrier against irritant, thereby preventing skin from developing conditions like dermatitis and eczema. It helps prevent water loss and seal the moisture hydrating the skin.
An effective humectant attracting moisture to the intercellular space of the skin while strengthening the lipid barrier. Glycerin also has emollient and lubricant properties to seal moisture and soothe the skin.

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