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Flammable Hair Products | How To Eliminate High Import Fees

Flammable Hair Products

How To Eliminate High Import Fees

 Flammable hair products are products which contains liquids or chemicals which can burn. They have a flashpoint of 37.8°C or 100°F. A lot of things surrounding us that we use in everyday life are flammable.

 In order to know if a hair adhesive or wig adhesive product is flammable, check the product. Companies manufacturing such products need to provide a warning on the product itself. This is done to ensure that the person working with such products, knows what they are dealing with and can take necessary safety measures.

 Flammable hair products fall in the hazardous category while importing (HazMat). Thus, the rules and regulations are stricter and need to be followed more carefully. Whether you are a retailer or a consumer there are some ways in which this can be made a little easier.

 Identify the product correctly that is whether it is flammable or non flammable. Classification prevents many problems. Get all your papers in line. do not order flammable products with non flammables.

 A flammable product raises a red flag and even if a single product of the lot is flammable you will be charges extra costs on the entire shipment. The entire shipment will be labelled as flammable because the only labels available to them are Flammable or Non Flammable. This will cost you to incur more expenses and increase your overheads.

 Thus it is better to import all your flammable hair replacement products together in a single shipment. I understand that it is difficult to estimate and there are a lot of factors to be considered. It may seem nearly impossible, but this can be achieved with proper planning, saving you literally hundreds of dollars per box

 Retailers should pay proper attention to inventory management and conduct regular product audits.

Cons of using Flammable Products

 Flammable products are not only safety hazards but some of them are health hazards too. There is a fear of the products catching fire or setting fire to the work place. One has to be extremely diligent and alert. Human error can have far reaching effects.

 Sometimes these products contain certain chemicals to which prolonged exposure can cause several health issues. It can be mild or serious depending upon the route and quantity of exposure.

 The route of exposure means how we came in contact with such materials. Did we inhale it or did it come in direct contact with our skin or with body fluids. If we have inhaled it, then it causes respiratory problems for us and so on. In case of hair replacement products we come in direct contact with them. It is absolutely unavoidable and there’s no other way about it. Thus we are risking our health. It’s like inviting the plague over for solving the cold and fever issue.

 We always advise to use non flammable products when available. There is less tension to store and stock them. Importing them is also a non issue. They are as good as, and sometimes better than the flammable products available for hair replacement. As we have always stood by the statement that non flammable or water based products are more beneficial in the long run for your health and skin.

Hair Replacement Made Easy

 Hair loss is one of the common ailments the modern man is suffering from. It is a problem for both men and women. Hair is perceived to be one of the parameters on which beauty, status and power are measured. It has a lot of importance in the social and cultural scene. It is a vital component on which our self image of outer beauty is based. It can make a person feel confident or utterly miserable.

 Therefore when one starts to experience hair loss instant panic kicks in. This experience has a traumatic effect on us and makes us feel unacceptable socially and causes loss of confidence. Sometimes it causes people to retreat in a shell and start being secluded due to the constant worry of how the world will pursue them and treat them. We try anything and everything to prevent it.

 It is extremely important to know what triggered this hair loss in the first place. It not something that occurs randomly without any rhyme or reason. There are specific causes which trigger hair loss. The common causes for hair loss are:

  • Stress
  • Genetics
  • Change in Hormonal Levels
  • Deficiency in our body of vital nutrients
  • Illness, infections or diseases
  • Chemotherapy or exposure to radiation or toxins

 These are common for both the genders. Women have an additional cause. Hair loss may also occur post their pregnancy.

 Stress is one of the major problems of this modern age. No person alive irrespective of age, gender, status can say that they have never felt stressed in their life. It is like one of the side effect of living. Genetic hair loss occurs due hereditary factors. Sometimes such genes which cause pattern baldness are passed on from the parents to their children. Certain diseases and infections also cause a person to lose hair or they affect the growth or cause deficiency of vital fluids thus stunting hair growth.

 Since this is a very common problem these days a lot of research has been done in this field which has yielded fruitful solutions and treatments to overcome, prevent further damage and or reduce hair loss. It is treated as an extremely serious problem. These solutions include hair replacement treatments.

 There are many options for hair replacement. We can pick the one which suits our needs the most and also fits in our budget. There are treatments which cater to people of all income groups and are not just for the higher income groups. Some of them are indeed expensive but there are a number of economic options made available too. They fall under cosmetic procedures. Some of these are:

  • Use of drugs

 There are some drugs which are known to reduce hair loss and even encourage the regrowth of hair. They are usually prescribed after taking advice from a doctor and or consulting an expert. These are prescription drugs.

  • Hair Transplantation

 This one of the most common techniques of hair replacement because it is minimally invasive and has more chances of being successful. It is a surgical procedure that is performed by a dermatologist. It basically involves shifting individual follicles of hair from one part of your body termed ‘Donor Site’ to your balding area. This area is called ‘Recipient Site’. Hair transplantation uses various techniques. This creates several procedures to choose from depending upon the varying techniques like

  • Micro grafting
  • Slit Grafting
  • Punch Grafting 
  • Scalp Reduction

 There are a number of hair replacement products in the market in case you do not want to go for a procedure. These products should be used only with the advice of doctors. They include concealers, growth stimulants, androgen blockers, anti- inflammatory products and so on.

 These products are easily available in the market. If it is not available in your vicinity then you can easily import these products. Some of these hair replacement products are flammables.

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