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Synthetic Wig Care Keeping Your Hair In Shape

Synthetic Hair Care

 Imagine you woke up one morning and realized that there isn’t a single hair on your head! How tragic will it be? The idea itself can be scary. A head full of hair at night but nothing but barrenness in the morning! Utterly traumatic!

 This idea may seem far fetched and ridiculous, a hyperbole you could say. But is it really that far from the real picture? Though we deny it and pretend to not acknowledge this problem, it doesn’t make the problem go away.

 A lot of us face this problem. In today’s age, individuals are stressed. There is an imbalance in our diet and our sleep. Sometimes it’s genetic or due to a medical condition. But the problem of alopecia or losing our hair, be it a couple of strands daily or a more acute hair loss, It is happening and it is quite real.

 Hair is not just an extension on our head. It is a part of our personality. It has importance for our positive self image. It is not only to look attractive for others but to feel attractive to ourselves. To feel confident and take pride in the way we look. Hair loss can have a great impact on a person’s psyche and personality. We need to understand its importance in social interaction and self esteem.

 As of today, to minimize the effect of this problem there are some solutions like hair implantation, hormone therapy, use of human hair wigs, synthetic wigs and hair pieces. A lot of research is being conducted in this field. Out of these the use of wigs and hairpieces are the safest and have no side effects or health hazards.


Human Hair Wig vs Synthetic Hair Wig

  • A human hair wig is a wig made from actual hair. They give you the natural look and feel. They come in various options. They can be cut; curled, styled and so on… basically they are highly adaptable. They may be more expensive but are durable. Its maintenance requires effort just like with real hair.
  • Synthetic hair is made from synthetic fibers. This technology has come a long way since its introduction. Some products which are available in the market are so good that you will not be able to tell them apart from a human hair wig unless you are looking for it. Synthetic hair is low on maintenance. The effort required to style, clean and store them is relatively less. They are less expensive too.


Maintenance of synthetic hair

 Just because they are low maintenance it does not mean that we must leave it in a state of neglect. Here are some things to remember:

  • It can be worn with little or no styling. It can even survive in bad weather
  • Do not comb the synthetic wig when it is wet
  • Use products which are specifically made to suit the synthetic wig
  • Use a synthetic hair comb and not a regular brush
  • Be gentle with the hairpiece
  • Just pat with a dry towel to dry incase it gets wet
  • Place it on a stand or a cylindrical box keeping the shape of the synthetic wig in mind, when not in use. This protects the synthetic wig’s shape.
  • Do not expose it to heat
  • Do not try to style it using blow dryers or curlers which use the thermal principle
  • Maintain hygiene of your hair to prolong the life of your synthetic hair.

 Now synthetic hair may be good for ruff and tough use but that does not mean you do not have to clean and wash them. Nor does it mean that you wash them like you do real hair.

 The general principle to be followed for synthetic wig care is to wash them after a prolonged use of about 12-25 times depending upon the quality and use of the wig. Factor in humidity. If it has been exposed to some odors and smells or seems to need a wash then do so in a gentle manner.

Washing Synthetic Hair

 Use your senses of smell and sight effectively. Keep the cleanliness freak within you at bay. With synthetic hair more washing leads to less shelf life and decrease in quality. Maintain good scalp hygiene. Just because you have lost some hair does not mean you neglect your scalp.

Do not use regular shampoos. There are product specially designed for the purpose of cleaning and maintain a synthetic wig. Purchase a good quality of synthetic shampoo and synthetic conditioner. There are leave-in conditioners available too.

Comb the synthetic wig with a wire comb before washing, when it is dry. Use only cold water for washing the wig. Use of hot water will cause damage to the fibers of the wig.

Follow these simple and easy steps.

  • Take a bucket, a big bowl or a basin
  • Fill it with cold water
  • Add a little of synthetic hair shampoo in the water
  • In case the synthetic hair wig has caught strong and pungent odors add a tea spoon of baking soda that is sodium bicarbonate in the water and mix it
  • Now take the synthetic wig and gently soak it in this cold water
  • You can either let it soak completely in the water and synthetic shampoo mixture for about 10 minutes or you can after soaking it in this mixture thoroughly for about one – one and a half minutes take the synthetic wig out and gently work the wig. Do not rub it or apply friction
  • Now wash it well for about 10 to 15 minutes till it becomes clean and rid of the shampoo and water solution
  • You can even condition the synthetic hair at this point or do it later
  • Rid the synthetic hair of the excess water but don’t use force
  • Do not twist or fold or crush the synthetic wig
  • Pat the wig with a towel to dry. Do so softly and with as little pressure as possible
  • If you will exert force the setting and shape of the wig will get spoilt
  • You can spray some leave in conditioner and set it aside for drying. Spray lightly, don’t over abuse the conditioner and keep a little distance from the synthetic wig while spraying the leave in conditioner
  • Place it on a stand for drying. Choose a good stand, one that suits the shape of the synthetic wig and does not cause it to realign
  • Brush it only after it is totally dry and water free. Do not expose it to direct sunlight for the purpose of drying the wig.

 Following such basic steps we can take good care of the synthetic hair wig and get an optimal life span for the synthetic wig.

 Remember to avoid excess heat as it will cause your synthetic hair to become frizzy. And if you have lost your hair why not lose all of the hair problems too? So stay frizz free. Do not use bleach or colour on your hair. Keep it away from the chlorinated waters of the swimming pool.

There are a lot of options available in the market. Try them and pick the one that suits you. Get your confidence back. Learn to enjoy your wig.

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